Keeping you in charge of your bottom line...

Glenda Chait, owner of In Balance Services, helps keep you in charge of your bottom line! As an “Accounting Problem Solver” Glenda is...

A Valuable Asset: Glenda looks at a situation, uncover mistakes, streamlines the process, and provides the reports management needs.

Able to Communicate Clearly: Using her 20 years of accounting and teaching experience, Glenda is able to explain things clearly.

On-Site or by "Remote Access" ...She's a Team Player: Whether she’s working on-site or through ‘remote access’ she works well with others and soon becomes a vital part of the team.

Values Keeping Current: Glenda stays current on changes in the accounting field and is an active member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers. She served as a Quickbook Professional Advisor for ___ years, and is a member of the East Portland Chamber of Commerce.

Serves Business and Non-Profits: Glenda works to help both businesses and non-profit organizations alike.

ExecuTech Suites Power Partner: In Balance Services is an ExecuTech Suites Power Partner. All ExecuTech Suites clients receive a 10% discount on services. Contact us for details.

Why do we frequently recommend QuickBooks?  
Remote Access - Our secure, virtual private network allows us to help you no matter where your office is. Click here for details.

"Glenda is truly interested in helping her clients, often taking extra time to explain a concept. She does not stop until she is confident that the client understands."

Ellen Quale, Certified Public Accountant, Tigard, OR

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